AD Tasting Session

Below are the guesses received for each of the unexpected items. I’ve consolidated similar answers together, and also added a couple of my own (including the correct answer, if not already guessed by someone in advance).

Given all the excellent suggestions – and the possible multiple motives for some items – you can each vote for up to 3 answers per question. Minimum of one vote per question is required. Choose what you think is the truth, or whatever answers you most enjoyed – I leave it up to you!

The poll will display the summary voting results to date, after you submit your votes. You can return to this page at any time and click on the Results button at the bottom of the page to display updated results. Once everyone has voted, I’ll send around the final results by e-mail.

Thanks for playing along everyone, this has been a lot of fun already!


What are the Tic Tacs for?
What are the straws for?
What is the "mystery" sample for?