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This page is a master list of all the individual whisky reviews and commentaries I’ve posted here, sorted alphabetically by distillery.

My Whisky Reviews

Whisky Commentaries and Resources


  • Great work you continue to pour onto this site. I appreciate the depth and yet not so overwhelming nature of the information you continue to publish for Malt enthusiast like me. Even though several opinion usually dominate the subjects such as what scotches are best to start with to how to host a scotch party, I must say you have provided a great well rounded suggestion of how to do all this without necessarily pushing you personal preference. I look forward to reading more of your articles now that I have come accros this site.

    • Thanks for that. I have plenty more commentaries to add – but am trying to keep the background and analysis sections as neutral as possible. It helps to have the objective classifications for flavour and quality to build on, as that helps negate any one bias.

  • I have to agree with Kenedy, this is a wonderful approach to reviewing whisky. Something we enthusiasts have all wanted for sure. Very helpful for new people coming into the world of whisky as well.

  • I was looking for a website to keep me informed on Canadian Whiskies. I was very happy to find your site, and the more I read, the better I liked it.

    Your rating algorithms are fantastic! Even better, when you think the average rating is high or low, I am likely to agree with you. Having said that, is there a way to sort the whiskies you have personally reviewed by score?

    • Thanks, glad you are enjoying the site.

      That’s an interesting question about my scores. I don’t publicly publish my own scores (although I do incorporate them into the database, with the same weight as any other reviewer). As one of the outcomes of my analysis is that everyone tends to correlate better with the Meta-Critic than they do to any one individual reviewer, I’ve never really seen any value in providing my own scores. Also, I wouldn’t want to compete or detract from the Meta-Critic, which is what I recommend people rely on. Of course, I can’t help but make my personal feelings known in my individual reviews. 🙂 But your question does make curious to consider the pattern of how I deviate from the Meta-Critic across all whiskies I’ve tried, which I have never thought to check. I will give it some thought, and if I do come up with an interesting analysis, I’ll post it on the site.

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