This site is primarily designed for those who enjoy experiencing the widest array of flavours in their whisky. As such, it will particularly appeal to those who like to drink their whisky neat (i.e., not mixed or on ice), and are looking to try new whiskies. But I will also sometimes discuss preferred options for mixing individual whiskies in my blog posts.

Given the interest level and variation in locally availability, I will focus mainly on single malt scotch-style whiskies and Canadian whiskies (often known as “rye”, although as we will see that is not necessarily always the case). But I am also including a smattering of world whiskies – most especially a good number of American bourbons and quality whiskies from around the world (most especially Japan and Taiwan) in my analyses.

Follow the subheadings in the menu to learn more about me, or to get a proper introduction to the aims of this site, or to learn a bit more about how whisky is made.

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